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Our Services

We are tourguides for both large and small groups and for individuals wanting to visit their ancestor’s Lemko homeland.  We are Lemkos who were born and raised in Lemkowyna and will introduce you to the Lemko culture as most tourguides can not.  We will always be at your service while you are our guest and we will work with you both before you arrive and while you are here to ensure that you accomplish all that is reasonably possible during your visit to Poland.

We have worked with numerous clients over the past several years and you can read some of their comments about us on the “Guest’s Comments” page on this website.  Other References can be provided upon request. 

For the fourth successive year we have been chosen by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society in the USA to lead their annual “Lemko Heritage Tour” through our area of Lemkowyna.  You can read about that in their newsletter, “The New Rusyn Times”.

As part of our services we will provide any or all of the following, as you may wish:

  • Meet you and return you to the airport in Krakow.

  • Travel with you through southern Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

  • Visit places of interest like Krakow, Gorlice, Wysowa, Krynica, Bardejow, Przemysl, and others.

  • Arrange for all of your living accomodations at places we recommend or places of your own choice (all will have private bathrooms).

  • Provide all local travel in our personal van.           


  In addition, we can also:

  • Take you to visit your ancestral villages.

  • Make arrangements with your relatives here and take you to meet them.

  • Arrange family “bonfire” outdoor picnics and provide accordion music and lead the singing of Lemko songs.

  • Take you to the archives and assist you with family record searches.

  • Visit Skansens (outdoor museums), icon museums, centuries-old wooden churches, or the numerous other places of interest in the area that you may wish to visit.

  • Attend the annual Lemko Vatra (celebration of Lemko culture).

  • Eat authentic Lemko meals like those your ancestors ate, at a Lemko Inn in Lemkowyna.

  • Hike in Magurski National Park or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the country side.

  • Provide digital photographs of your visit.


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