FARMSYSA whole-rm machinery management decision support system

FARMSYSa whole-rm machinery management decision support systemwas developed in PROLOG (PROgramming in LOGic) using object-oriented data structures. It utilizes weather data, machinery capacities, labor availability, and information on permissible and prioritized operators, tractors, and implements for evaluating the operational behavior of a rm system. It also estimates crop production, gross revenue, and net profit for individual fields and for the whole rm. FARMSYS was evaluated and critiqued by a team of agricultural systems experts. They considered FARMSYS qualified as a decision-aid tool. They found its structure flexible to incorporate location-specific knowledge. When verified for its operational capabilities using real rm data, FARMSYS identified a tractor, an operator and seven implements that were under-utilized and could be withdrawn from the test rm without significantly affecting the timeliness of a majority of the field operations. The basic structure of FARMSYS is easily adaptable for other types of agricultural and industrial applications.

Studies have shown that 2015 US housing market in 14 years most welcome trend

Only 15 percent in Manhattan, the average price of up to 140,000 parking spaces in San Francisco can make affordable housing proportion of the middle class, these high prices the phenomenon of high land prices, to the United States intends to buy so many investors heart intended to retire They worry that the real estate bubble is close at hand. But in fact, most American buyers worry too much to worry about. The latest data showed the US real estate market since the beginning of the most robust period of 14 years.
Survey headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the National Insurance Company showed that the housing market in the United States since 2001, is currently the best, there is no reason to worry about the national recession, but one said no such bubble burst more.

National chief economist Posen (DavidBerson) said that in the first published data, the leading indicator of the health of the real estate market in the country in the fourth quarter 2014 rose to 109.8, the data is greater than 100 indicates the healthy development of the industry. The index uses local data 373 driven real estate market statistics of the city. Including improvements employment, demographics and mortgage markets.

And in predicting market bubble level, national insurance company’s data is worth a view. The company had the bubble burst in 2005 that is made accurate signal, than in 2006 to reach a peak of the S & P / Case Shiller index should come early. The data show that the real estate market may not soared this year, which makes American life is more comfortable.

Posen said that, there are many market growth slower than people want, but this means that development is sustainable, and they are right, this is the universal truth. How to maintain the low growth rates, then it can not be accumulated in short supply and demand imbalance caused by the transition from bubble worries future, which in fact is the ideal real estate market.

Based on the above assumptions, the report shows, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia, the city is listed as the first health. The end is the capital of Bismarck, North Dakota. Although the majority of Bismarck local market booming thanks to good economic foundation. However, the situation and the slump in oil pillar industries in the sparsely populated region, where prices are making it difficult to rise further.

Currently, the only worry Posen condition that US house prices continue to rise sharply leaving the majority of people could not pay for the house. Since the economic expansion, rising wages stagnant US economy has become a thorn in, but the latest data show that the average salary increase has been achieved since the 2009 financial crisis storm gradually subsided.

And it is easy to see why the real estate market to stabilize, rather than soaring reason, it is because people do not have a substantial income and panoramic view. But Posen said the second half of 2014 due to a steady increase in the nation’s employment levels, pay levels will soon be gone, and is expected to drive prices continued to strengthen. This trend will continue into 2015 or, investors need not worry.

CBI: UK economy is expected to accelerate in the first quarter

British industry group Tuesday (April 7) that the UK economy is likely to grow in the first quarter of this year. This is an optimistic assessment for the country’s economic recovery, the United Kingdom is about to usher in national elections next month.

Confederation of British Industry (CBI) monthly economic growth data show that a quarter of the UK economic growth this year of 0.7%.

Data released last week showed that the UK economy in the fourth quarter of last year rose 0.6%. However, the service sector output fell in January to make a few economists believe the first quarter of 2015 may be slowing down economic growth.

Official preliminary estimates suggest that data on the performance of the UK economy a quarter will be released on April 28, just a week before the national elections in May 7.

Slowdown in economic growth for the current Prime Minister Cameron (David Cameron) is concerned is more embarrassing. Because for “Only during the Conservative Party, the United Kingdom in order to recover from the economic crisis over” this argument, he can not prove.

CBI said on Tuesday that the growth indicators are positive from January to March 18, less than three months ended February 19 positive. Meanwhile, CBI forecast to rise in the second quarter, but still lower than the same period last year.

CBI deputy director Katja Hall believes the global oil prices next time will play a role in promoting the UK economy, but it also brings a risk factor that Greece intends to remain in the euro zone. Many British companies will continue under prolonging respite in a strong pound, which makes exports already weakened even worse.

According to the CBI, which posted growth index is an aggregate index, the margin according to the survey done by the ILO and the private economy and the resulting three quarters.

US investment immigration deadline is approaching 930 per hour to open competition

According to statistics, the first quarter of 2015 has ended, EB-5 immigrant investor applicants are constantly sharp increase in the number, has received 2941 copies of I-526 petition, the investor has shown a tendency to fall over each other. While the applicant has experienced explosive growth in recent years, the EB-5 policy, will soon come to a crossroads 30 September 2015, the current EB-5 Regional Center interim bill will face a new round of maturity adjustment.

As the most popular Immigrant Investor Program, EB-5 program has become the most effective financing mechanisms, only the 2014 fiscal year for the United States to bring about $ 5.5 billion in income, up 72% from the previous fiscal year. More than 95% of the EB-5 Regional Center project investors to choose, so the fate of the bill after the expiration of a temporary regional centers, indeed determine the future of the US EB-5 investment immigration.

All along, EB-5 program with its cost-effective, low-priced investment threshold of high gold content, sought by many investors, but also suffering from the American public, “cheap green card” of the question. Especially in recent years, the world’s major developed nation of immigrants immigration projects have “price overweight,” the US EB-5 has remained constant price $ 500,000, which itself is not consistent with common sense, but also makes the United States of EB- 5. price is increasing, and even some EB-5 opposition groups and institutions in key nodes frequently criticized the bill expiring EB-5 program, it was shut down after the bill is due, is also an important ignored warning.

Here experts also gives sound advice, such as: try to pick up time relatively long, and there are many successful American Regional Center investment projects; the proportion of funds to choose EB fewer items; selected to immigration for the purpose of projects, rather than the kind of so-called high dividend project, because that means high risk; the selection of collateral to repay investors on the first pick of the project; the selection of qualified immigrant domestic credibility of years of history, large-scale migration agents The company handled.

London wealthy Chinese-funded large-scale developers purchased the mansion fueling momentum

Foreign media said, first the French, then the Russians, and now with the Beijing intends to relax the restrictions on the number of outbound capital requirements, real estate began to look forward to wealthy Chinese buyers hold into London’s high-end real estate market. A high-end properties for sale in North London, managing director of the agency’s Trevor Abrahamson, said: “We now see only a small portion of buyers from out of China.

April 6 foreign media reported that the French first, then the Russians, and now with Beijing intends to relax the restrictions on the number of outbound capital requirements, real estate began to look forward to wealthy Chinese buyers hold into London’s high-end real estate market.

British “Times” website reported April 5, due to the Chinese government exchange controls, allowing only Chinese citizens abroad to bring $ 50,000 per year, Chinese citizens want to buy real estate in London is not easy. However, Beijing from 2017 onwards relaxation, the British capital London luxury real estate agency that a large number of China’s capital market will be the influx of residential London.

A high-end properties for sale in North London, managing director of the agency’s Trevor Abrahamson, said: “We now see only a small portion of buyers from out of China.”

Chelsea ran a buyers agency’s Robert Bailey said: “Do not question China’s rich to buy high-end real estate in central London appetite British education system also has a particularly irresistible attraction Chinese people attach great importance to education. Therefore this is a child to the United Kingdom via a secret elite private schools. ”

China bought a small number of wealthy London property, they cleverly circumvent restrictions typically by using a legitimate Italian subsidiary to buy assets. In the past year, the number of these people has increased, making some experts believe that they are one of the causes for high prices.

Knight Frank real estate brokerage firm, said in the price 10 million pounds (US $ 14.9 million) over the level, the Chinese people become more and more active, in 2014 sales, buyers in China contributed 3% few years ago, their needs may also negligible.

Knight Frank real estate brokerage firm in London, head of residential research at Tom Bill said: “In the past 12 months, the Chinese people have become one of the most active buyers of diaspora in London after several years of testing the waters, they are now more familiar with London. Market a result, they are now ready to start buying higher value of real estate, and people in other countries compared to their room to find that within the M25 has also done more fully, in addition, an increasing number of large-scale development of China Suppliers also appeared in London contributed to the momentum. ”

Headquartered in London, the real estate company opened China Wen 克沃思 counter with staff able to speak Mandarin, while the United States Keller Williams real estate company based in the heart of London’s Mayfair office also hired two a Mandarin speaking people. Some developers in Beijing and Shanghai opened offices.